Purpose value & vision

Through a consultative process, the leadership team has redefined precisely our primary statement of purpose, the common values that bind the Group and inform our every interaction, and our vision for the future. These tenets of the Khulani Trading Enterprises business philosophy are explained in the below.


Operating Platforms

Khulani Trading Enterprises directs its activities into the construction economies of Southern Africa. Market sectors include building, infrastructure, mining, industrial, energy, power and environmental. The construction economy is a well-defined element of every national economic framework and is identified as a component of gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) within gross domestic product (GDP).



The outcome of these inter-related objectives is integrated reporting and the annual integrated report, which links back to our stakeholders and completes the cycle of accountability and exclusivity that ultimately underpins our sustainability.



Khulani Trading Enterprises is a holding company that ventures in numerous business activities aimed at stimulating economic growth; it is under the auspices of young vibrant, vigilant and optimistic entrepreneur who is so keen about the dynamics of change that revolves within South Africa.

Khulani is 100% owned and managed by a black female entrepreneur with a commitment to further enhance the national prerogatives aimed at battering social conditions of South African citizens. Over 25% of employees directly employed by the company are women.

We have patiently climbed up the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) ladder over the years, from 6CE PE to 8CE PE and have helped create over 150 direct and in direct employment opportunities across the nation.


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