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About Our Company


Khulani was founded by a young black female entrepreneur as a result of unearthing the social economic instability of the country and further enhance/implement the national prerogatives aimed at bettering social conditions of South African citizens.

Khulani was emabrked in the year 2000 under the name Tradevest 033. The company was founded by Mrs CG (Mkhonto) Msiska and other two ladys in the year 2001 and they resigned due to thier employment conditions.

As a committed young South African woman with a vast background in Business / Project Management and construction disciplines, Mrs CG (Mkhonto) Msiska decided to continue with the company on her own. She has acquired invaluable experience working for various government departments as well as private sector as a safety consultant, SDF Agent, Project Manager , Administrator; helping to perfect and mature her leadership skills and intuitive thinking necessary for the success of Khulani. It is our company's mandate to promote and encourage black South Africans, especially women, to always feel liberated through their determination to make a success out of themselves without focusing on their gender or inefficiencies.

Company Vision

“It is our vision to be the leading close co-operation in the construction territory.”



Our company mission includes the following;


  • To ensure that we provide good quality work to all our valued clients.
  • To provide continous Skills development to our staff in order to ensure service excellence at all times.
  • To ensure client expectations are always exceeded with our quality services.
  • To help create employment opportunities thereby eradicating poverty and promoting economic growth.



The following form our company objectives;


  • To maintain a sustainable business with a well trained staff
  • To provide good quality services to our clients at all times
  • To maintain consistence in our service excellence in order o ensure client satisfaction.