Operating Platforms


Khulani Trading Enterprises directs its activities into the construction economies of Southern Africa. Market sectors include building, infrastructure, mining, industrial, energy, power and environmental. The construction economy is a well-defined element of every national economic framework and is identified as a component of gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) within gross domestic product (GDP).

An established global benchmark is that GFCF should average between 20% and 30% of GDP and construction investment should represent between 20% and 30% of GFCF (4% to 9% of GDP). The construction economy is represented by all expenditure associated with fixed investment into physical infrastructure, production and commercial facilities and accommodation, as performed by general and specialist contractors, engineers, materials suppliers and service providers. It generally excludes the supply of process machinery and equipment.

Infrastructure & Building

Metals & Minerals • Industrial • Infrastructure • Building

Infrastructure & Building has participated in some of the largest and most significant construction projects in the region. Kusile Power Station and other multi discipline development projects undertaken by Khulani Trading Enterprises.

Plant Division

Khulani Plant operates through specialised, project-focused teams who are fully experienced in procurement, commissioning, repair and refurbishment of all specific plant items needed by the company. Khulani Plant provides the company with plant and equipment resources. It specialises in the procurement, maintenance, repair and management of construction plant and equipment used on civil, building, roads and earthworks and mining projects. The company’s asset holding reflects a vastly diverse selection of plant which is geared to support Khulani Trading Enterprises Construction’s broad operational focus in Southern Africa.

Assets specific to the building and civil construction sector primarily comprising of tower cranes, mobile cranes, concrete batching plants, concrete truck mixers, concrete pumping and all scaffolding systems required for these projects are sourced from hiring companies. On Transportation sector Khulani utilises own fleet of Low beds and side tippers In terms of roadwork projects, Khulani Trading Enterprises owns fleet that includes excavators, dozers, tipper trucks, rollers, TLBs and various road surfacing equipment.

Corporate Head Office

The corporate office provides leadership, strategic direction, support and performance targeting to group companies in terms of our philosophy of a unitary Khulani Trading Enterprises.

The primary role of corporate is to constantly review and design the strategic architecture of the Group to suit our strategy; to support operating departments in specific fields common across the Group; and importantly, to partner in the leadership of market engagement and performance. A high level of capacity has been developed to engage the strategic initiatives necessary to ensure world class fulfillment in everything we do.